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Product Detail Page

Max Full Body Lotion

Available in 8 oz. convenient squeeze tube size and 2 oz. pocket / purse size
     $15.99 for 8 oz.
     $8.50  for 2 oz.
Free Shipping and Handling


Protect and repair your skin with MAX, a revolutionary therapeutic full body treatment, formulated for the every day working person and those with active lifestyles.

MAX is a long lasting, "non - oily", hypoallergenic corrective formula, enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients, leaving the skin intensely nourished.

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Directions : Apply as needed to face, hands, feet and body.

WARNING : For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to deep cuts, wounds or infections.

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"I found this product at the golf show in Tampa. My wife and I have been taking care of her Father, he had a long illness. The doctor told him to exercise in the pool to help get his strength up, this helped, but being in the water daily made his skin rough and scaly, we had tried many over the countrer lotions with no success. I had picked up a tube of Max, Igave it to him and within a couple of days his symptoms had disappeared.

Thanks Max, it worked great.... Larry"
- Larry Whittler, Florida

Available in 8 oz. convenient squeeze tube size and 2 oz. pocket / purse size

        Max Plus Full Body Lotion           
               With Sun Screen                   

The same great Max Lotion with additional Sun Screening properties for extra UVA/ UVB skin protection. Max+ also soothes the skin and restrains the aging process.
Max Plus is formulated for a SPF rating of 15. ( Note: A SPF of 15 is recommended by most dermatologists. DON'T  be fooled by the hype of higher SPF ratings. Higher ratings mean higher percentages of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide ( Pigments used in paints ) and more of these pigments can clog the pores and cause damage. They also impair sweating, which can cause the body to overheat. See EPA Report on our Navigation Bar.

Click Here to Watch a 90 second Max+ Video Clip

$9.00 For 2 Ounce
$16.99 For 8 Ounce
Free Shipping and Handling



DIRECTIONS : Apply as needed to face, hands, feet and body.
For added protection daily use of an SPF 15 is recommended.
WARNING : For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. DO NOT apply to deep cuts,wounds or infections.

I began seeing a dermatologist about 2+ years ago.Mainly for bumps on my forhead.At the time the only thig they could precribe was a Retin-A based formula.While it worked to reduce the bumps,it was very harsh,itchy and left freckels from scratched skin. The bumps continue some with age others don't.
After using MAX Therapy the reaccuring bumps have stopped and the remaining are disapering. In addition after I started using MAX Therapy on my arms and leggs --- Just once a week bumps like my forhead surfaced on my arms. They proceeded to break open and dissapear.I know this is probably a forunner to skin cancers( of which I have had many in 2.5 years) MAX Therapy induced the surfacing and elimination ot the cancers. This product is far better than any Dermatologist or doctor can precribe. Thank You MAX Therapy!!!"
- Pat Dimeler, Florida

Max Snore Master - Just $19.95 + S & H
Max Snore Master - Just $19.95 + S & H

   Max Snore        
                      now offers immediate relief for the millions of people that suffer from the ill effects of snoring.

*Do you keep your spouse/partner awake because you snore? 
*Do you wake up still tired, even after you slept all night?
*Have you tried other remedies and been disappointed with the results? has the solution to your snoring dilemma!

Max Snore Master is now available to solve your snoring problem!Max Snore Master is a double sided, moldable, mandibular adjusting device with air opening that custom molds to the shape of each individuals teeth and gums and eliminates snoring.  The molded device is extremely comfortable and most users adjust to the use of the Max Snore Master after only a couple of nights of use.
How does it work?  The process is simple.  Max Snore Master, when worn in the mouth, pushes the lower jaw out by a few millimeters and thereby opens up the respiratory tract, allowing air to flow unobstructed through the breathing passage.  The unobstructed flow of air makes it virtually impossible to snore!  Max Snore Master also has an air opening in the front of the device that aids in easier swallowing and significantly less saliva build-up during the night.  This feature is particularly important for sinus sufferers, or those that may suffer from claustrophobia.
The double sided feature of Max Snore Master is also effective in preventing the irreversible damage to teeth caused by nightly grinding, or bruxing.  Nightly use of the Max Snore Master is highly effective in both eliminating snoring, and the damage to the user’s teeth caused by grinding.
 Don’t delay, order today.  Max Snore Master is only available at
Price : $19.95 USD + $7.95 Shipping & Handling

Available NOW for only $25.99
Plus Shipping of $5.95

         Max Massage Wand                  

Abracadabra!  Your sore, tense muscle aches and pains will disappear like magic when you use the Max Massage Wand.  The Wand is a unique personal massage product designed to provide maximum relief for any part of your body.  The combination of rubber sphere, foam roller, and trigger point stimulator allows the Wand to achieve therapeutic benefits that no other single massage appliance offers.   The Wand can be used over clothing or skin. (Not for use by children under 3 years of age or adults with serious muscle or skeletal problems. If pain persists for more than 5 days, you may need to schedule an appointment with your doctor).

Tips for use:

*Lie down with back on floor, or sit upright in hard back chair.  Place rubber ball end of Wand between the hard surface and parts of body that require relief.  Adjust location of ball and pressure of body on ball to massage muscles. Great for relief of sciatica and back aches and pains.

*Use ball end of wand to relieve soreness in feet caused by overuse or poorly fitting shoes.  Simply roll bottom of foot over ball end of Wand to stretch and invigorate arches and tendons of feet.

*Roller foam portion of Wand can be used to relieve problems in the large muscles of the leg and arms.  Roll the foam roller portion of the Wand repeatedly over these large muscles to   increase circulation and reduce muscle tightness.  Tension in areas of the neck can also be relieved by rolling the foam portion of the Wand gently over areas of the neck that need relief to stretch and stimulate the affected area.

*The hard plastic end of the Wand is perfect for trigger point therapy on muscles of the body that are tender.  Use to apply gently pressure (30-60 seconds) to area that needs relief.  You will feel the soreness and tension dissolve and the pain subside.  Gentle rubbing of the muscles surrounding the jaw, neck, and temples can provide relief from tension created by external stressors in daily activities.

These are only a few of the ways to use the Wand to help you feel better.  Don’t delay!  Purchase your Max Massage Wand today and get started on your personal path to improved health and reduced pain. We also offer our therapeutic Max Lotion on this site.  Purchase and use of Max Lotion will protect and condition the skin and enhance the quality of the benefits provided by the use of the Max Massage Wand.
When ordering, please specify the ball type you wish to receive. The available types are : BasketBall, Soccer Ball, Tennis Ball, BaseBall (As Shown), and a Generic Pink or Blue Ball.


Watch Demonstration Video Below :

Available in Large Size
Large Size : $6.00

       Max Cool and                      
        Clean Cloth                        

The Max Cool and Clean Cloth provides high absorbency, because of its innovative micro-fiber technology.This revolutionary cloth will replace the old non effective terry cloths. It is lighter and more durable. Take it with you everywhere.

Wet It * Wring It * Wipe It * Machine Wash * Air Dry * No Fabric Softener * Very Durable-Lasts for Years

To cool, simply wet the cloth and aerate (wave). Evaporation will keep the cloth cool. Re-wet as needed. Will also absorb body sweat, keeping you cool and clean.


      Max Friendship         
      Tuberose Cologne    
      for Women                

A sensual scent of tuberose. This seductive flower - fresh by day, inspires evening romance and adds feminine elegance. An alluring, romantic, feminine and sensual scent, reminiscent of a tropical paradise.

                                                   1.75 Fl. Oz. (50ml)
                                         $4.00 Shipping and Handling

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